"In one of the most interesting paradoxes I have ever contemplated, the human brain is so intricate and complex that it does not even understand itself."


Stephanie Ross

Graduate Scholarship

The 2020-21 SNRF Graduate Scholarship supports graduate students studying psychology, cognitive or behavioral science, or any related field at a college or university in the state of Florida. SNRF awards one scholarship of $1,500; award recipients are also eligible for continuing support beyond the first year based on academic achievement and progress toward degree completion. In order to be eligible for a SNRF scholarship, applicants must be enrolled as a graduate student at a Florida college or university during the 2020-21 academic year.​

To apply for this scholarship, complete the following form and send it, along with a copy of your resume or CV, to info@snrfoundation.org by April 1, 2020.





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